Breakfast Club Lecture 3

  • August 7th, 2019 7:30 am
  • Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, 1 Yarra Blvd, Kew

LECTURE THREE: Participant Led Videos (PLVs)

PRESENTER: Cathy Bucolo, Clinical Practice Leader, Summer Foundation
Carolyn Finis, Chief of Staff, Summer Foundation

The Summer Foundation obtained a grant under the Innovation Workforce Fund to co-design, pilot and evaluate the idea of supporting people with disability to make Participant Led Videos (PLVs), which are their own training videos for their support workers. They are an effective, innovative tool that gives people with disability the opportunity to lead the training of their support workers based on their self-described meaningful goals.

The lecture will discuss the process of creating PLVs, as it is much more than pointing and shooting a camera. It includes effectively supporting a person with disability to think about and express their personal goals. It translates these goals into constructive approaches and action that can be taken by a support worker on a regular, daily basis.

At each step of the video making process the choices, thinking and where possible the language, are that of the person with disability. This process, and the resulting training video was evaluated by Latrobe University and was found to be successful and effective because the process enabled people to have choice and control, set their own goals and direct their supports.

This Breakfast Club session will be an overview about the project and the PLV process, a demonstration of the resources available for everyone to use, and an update on the stage 2 phase of the project.


As Clinical Practice Lead at the Summer Foundation, Cathy Bucolo works to ensure people with disability have the right supports in place so they can live in the community. Cathy has worked as a speech pathologist, case manager, consultant, trainer and project worker for more than 20 years. She specialises in acquired brain injury, rehabilitation, disability and advocacy, transitional living and capacity building.


Carolyn Finis is the Summer Foundation’s Chief of Staff, providing internal leadership in relation to the organisation’s internal communications, strategy and culture. Carolyn also oversees the Summer Foundation’s storytelling program and external communications.

Carolyn’s role includes supporting people with severe brain injury or late onset progressive neurological conditions to publicly share their journey and experiences across a variety of mediums including media, public speaking and advocacy.

Carolyn is passionate about including the lived experience of the organisation’s stakeholders, especially people with disability, into the work of the Summer Foundation.

Download the 2019 program here. For more information contact Alana Dobra at or phone 03 9894 7006.
Please note a summary and podcast links for the 2018 lectures are available on our past events page.

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