To resolve the issue of young people living in aged care, young people with disability must know about the housing and support options that are available to them, relevant sector professionals must know how to best support them and the housing options that meet their needs must be built.

A knowledge hub

We are a knowledge hub for research about young people in aged care and potential solutions. We capture, document and share the knowledge generated from our research and prototypes in order to encourage others to replicate and scale our work.

We have created a range of resources, including reports, guides, toolkits, podcasts, and videos for a number of groups:

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For aged care staff >
For hospitals >
For disability, aged care and health service providers >
For the housing sector >
For policy makers >

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Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports detail our recent efforts, achievements and progress towards our goals over the past few years.
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Story tellers

Powerful and memorable, the experience of people with disability and families is central to developing potential solutions.
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