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  • The Community Integration Questionnaire-Revised

    20/04/2020 Communications

    Summer Foundation Researchers worked with Professor Barry Willer, author of the Community Integration Questionnaire (CIQ), to extend the original tool to include a measure of the use of electronic social networking for social integration. Read More

  • Health Service FAQs

    30/03/2020 Communications

    All health services are building their capacity in working with the NDIS and people with disability aged under 65. This resource contains health’ frequently asked questions (FAQs), and answers relating to a number of different topics. Read More


    03/02/2020 Communications

    This guideline is relevant for health services staff working in a health setting with people with disability aged under 65. When assisting people with disability, there may be circumstances where internal and/or external interface practice issues occur that require... Read More

  • Collaborative Discharge Approach – An overview

    24/12/2019 Communications

    Collaborative discharge planning is a process to ensure that people under 65 with disability or complex support needs in hospital, can achieve an effective and timely discharge back into the community with National Disability Insurance System (NDIS) supports. Read More

  • Collaborative Discharge Approach: Practice Guide

    23/12/2019 Communications

    The Collaborative Discharge Approach (CDA) has been developed to improve the experience of younger people with disability and complex support needs when needing both the National Disability Insurance System (NDIS) and the health system, particularly after a significant... Read More

  • Sample Interim NDIS Plan

    14/12/2019 Communications

    An interim NDIS plan aims to facilitate a successful and timely discharge from hospital for NDIS participants. It is a 3–6 month plan that acts as a transition to a more extensive plan to be used post discharge. Read More


    15/09/2019 Communications

    If you are working in a residential aged care facility, or a health service, you might be supporting a person with disability to submit this NDIS access request. This resource is designed to help you. Read More

  • Urgent Access Request Cover Letter

    10/09/2019 Communications

    How to request urgent NDIS access for your patient In some circumstances a person may be vulnerable to risk and need urgent supports. For example, they may be going back to live in a community setting with few supports of... Read More

  • Hospital Discharge Planning – Literature Review

    25/06/2018 Communications

    The Hospital Discharge Project aims to bring about better coordinated discharge planning processes that enable younger people to leave hospital earlier and move back into the community, ultimately leading to fewer young Victorians entering residential aged care (RAC). Read More

  • ndis readiness – a toolkit for hospitals

    19/04/2018 Communications

    The Summer Foundation has developed tailored resources for health practitioners. These resources cover the entire hospital journey for people with disabilities, from admission to discharge back into the community. Read More

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