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  • Getting the language right

    07/07/2020 Communications

    How to write effective support documentation for people with disabilities and complex health and support needs seeking access to the NDIS. Read More


    29/06/2020 Communications

    In striving for best practice outcomes for NDIS participants, a health service may use this resource to provide a framework in the provision of information, training and mentoring to staff for practice change. Read More

  • Developing a safe discharge plan for people with disability in response to COVID19

    31/03/2020 Communications

    The purpose of this resource is to assist health clinicians who are supporting a person with disability who is being considered for discharge as a result of COVID-19. Read More

  • Guide to NDIS pre-planning

    30/03/2020 Communications

    Pre-planning is the process of developing a detailed plan that is individualised to the NDIS participant, prior to the planning meeting with an NDIS planner. This resource describes how to use NDIS language and descriptions for disability related supports.... Read More

  • Health Service FAQs

    30/03/2020 Communications

    All health services are building their capacity in working with the NDIS and people with disability aged under 65. This resource contains health’ frequently asked questions (FAQs), and answers relating to a number of different topics. Read More


    30/03/2020 Communications

    When making an access request to the NDIS, the NDIA requires supporting evidence about the person’s disability and how it impacts their everyday life. Supporting evidence can be in the form of an Access Request Form (ARF), or a... Read More


    30/03/2020 Communications

    This resource describes how an NDIS secondary consultation framework can guide health clinicians in sustainably building their knowledge and practice expertise, to achieve positive discharge outcomes for people eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Read More

  • Leaving Hospital Well – Community of Practice

    10/03/2020 Communications

    The Summer Foundation Leaving Hospital Well - Community of Practice (CoP) offers a national platform for health professionals across Australia to connect. Join the CoP to get the latest information about NDIS, innovative practice examples from clinicians working in... Read More


    03/02/2020 Communications

    This guideline is relevant for health services staff working in a health setting with people with disability aged under 65. When assisting people with disability, there may be circumstances where internal and/or external interface practice issues occur that require... Read More

  • Collaborative Discharge Approach – An overview

    24/12/2019 Communications

    Collaborative discharge planning is a process to ensure that people under 65 with disability or complex support needs in hospital, can achieve an effective and timely discharge back into the community with National Disability Insurance System (NDIS) supports. Read More

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