Community and primary health

Better outcomes are often achieved if people’s day-to-day health needs are managed in the community, rather than in a hospital setting.

Improving access to health services

People with disability often experience a narrow margin of health – that is, someone who is well may rapidly become unwell if their health needs aren’t closely managed – so health needs must be proactively maintained to support ongoing community living. Improving access to health services that sustain community living will enhance the health and wellbeing of people with disability and complex needs, and reduce their lifetime care costs.

Community Health Resources

We are creating community health resources to support people with disability, their families and health professionals.
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health projects

Current projects

The Summer Foundation has developed a series of videos featuring people with disabilities, which can be used to help train health care and support workers about the complex care needs for people with disability. The videos aim to break down barriers and provide greater understanding and awareness of how to provide the best care and support for people with disabilities.
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