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aged care forum to focus on young people

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“I feel like a prisoner,” he told the Royal Commission

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Young people are being forced into residential aged care and forgotten due to a “gaping hole” in health care checks and balances, the Royal Commission into Aged Care Safety …

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Harrowing testimony … as the Aged Care Royal Commission turned its attention to younger people with disabilities.…

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The commissioner overseeing the Aged Care Royal Commission has described the number of young people in aged care as a national embarrassment at best, and a national disgrace at worst.…

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A heartbroken wife has given a harrowing account of her late husband’s time in aged care and how the facility led him down a path of depression, social isolation

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Corcoran, 43, has good reason to be frustrated as she is one of the 6048 people aged under 65 living in permanent aged care.

She describes her six-year stay in aged care …

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At today’s Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the Department of Health’s In-Home Aged Care division and Department of Social Services’ Disability and Carers division, both admitted that aged care …

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The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety turns its attention this week to hearings focused on younger people with disabilities living in residential aged care facilities (RACFs).…

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Ahead of giving evidence at the Aged Care Royal Commission hearings in Melbourne this week, Luke Bo’sher outlines his key arguments around why young people end up in aged care and what …

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The royal commission is hearing this week from younger Australians living in residential aged care.

Lisa Corcoran, who spoke with the help of a speech pathologist, made her feelings clear.…

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An aged care royal commissioner says the system of younger people with disabilities being stuck in nursing homes is at best a national embarrassment and at worst a national disgrace.…

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Senior Commonwealth departmental officials, from both health and social services, took the stand on Tuesday as the royal commission delved into the processes which see young people under 65 years of age …

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“It’s truly shocking and shouldn’t be allowed to continue,” commissioner Lynelle Briggs said of the difficult and isolated lives of younger aged care residents.

The federal health department denies

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The first younger person with a disability to give evidence to the Royal Commission into Aged Care has described her residential aged care facility as “hell”.

Liz Corcoran, 43, told the commission that …

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The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has commenced its most recent hearings, turning attention to the experiences of young people with disability living in residential aged care facilities.…

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Royal commission hears of plight of young Australians stuck in aged care.

Every day six young Australians are institutionalised in the aged care system because there is nowhere else they can go to

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A young disabled mother forced to live in a nursing home has described having to fight to have a shower more than once a week.…

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Senior counsel assisting the commission Peter Rozen

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Lisa Corcoran desperately wants to be able to hug her children again – and to get the hell out of a nursing home.

The 43-year-old hates being stuck in a residential aged care facility,

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Younger people are stuck living “a prison sentence” in nursing homes because the federal and state governments have failed to adequately recognise their needs, a royal commission has been told.…