Group 3

The way we work

The key aim of the Summer Foundation is to change human service policy and practice related to young people in aged care. We use the following tools to influence health, housing and disability services policy and practice related to this target group:

Evidence base

Our research informs the development and evaluation of potential solutions, resources and tools.

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Expert knowledge from lived experience

We build on the expert knowledge from those with lived experience of the issue of young people in aged care to inform, co-design and evaluate our resources, tools and interventions.

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Demonstration projects or social enterprises

We design, test, evaluate and improve potential solutions and market interventions to develop social enterprises.

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Knowledge of government agenda and drivers

We leverage our knowledge of government drivers to establish best practice policy, to facilitate understanding and implementation of policy and inform government agenda.

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Clinical experience

We use clinical experience that tells us what is happening on the ground to develop and share resources and tools designed to build the capacity of the system and market users.

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